Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Trump and Kim Sign Denuclearization Agreement, Read It Here

Trump and Kim Sign Denuclearization Agreement, Read It Here

Trump: "He is very talented".

The U.S. President earlier promised that "working together ... we will get it done".

After meeting privately and with aides, Trump and Kim moved into the luncheon at a long flower-bedecked table.

It follows a day of historic talks at Singapore's Capella Hotel, on Sentosa Island - the first meeting between a sitting US President and a North Korean leader.

It's "going to be tremendously successful", Mr. Trump said in introductory comments broadcast live on television. "We will have a terrific relationship. Many people in the world will think of this as a scene from a fiction movie". "I didn't know anything about North Korea".

The meeting in and of itself is an historic moment, marking the first direct exchange between United States and North Korean leaders since the two nations went to war 58 years ago. And Obama did not give me the time of day.

"We overcame all kinds of scepticism and speculations about this summit and I believe that this is good for the peace", he said.

The meeting, long sought by Pyongyang, will be the first ever between a serving USA president and a North Korean leader, and will focus on the nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles the North has spent decades developing.

Neither have given much away - maybe because Kim Jong-un's voice is rarely heard in the West.

North Korea sanctions may be lifted after summit, says China
He spoke with Trump by phone on Monday, the South Korean presidential Blue House said, but gave no immediate details of the conversation.

He said about half of the cost is for security.

The Trump administration seeks a "complete, verifiable and irreversible" dismantlement of Pyongyang's vast nuclear weapons program, which has produced up to 60 nuclear warheads housed across the country, according to USA intelligence estimates, as well as a sophisticated program for their delivery worldwide.

He said this was again a "subtle gesture" from Trump to gain sympathy, with gentle touches to the North Korean's shoulder and back.

Inside, they sat alongside each other against a backdrop of North Korean and US flags, with Kim beaming broadly as the USA president gave him a thumbs up.

North Korea is seeking a security guarantee - possibly including a peace treaty formally ending the Korean War - and the removal of the U.S.'s nuclear umbrella protecting allies South Korea and Japan.

Kim and Ri both joined Kim Jong Un for the April 27 inter-Korean summit, and Kim Yong Chol recently traveled to the meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before delivering a letter from Kim Jong Un to Trump at the White House. He suggested, however, that more talks will be needed.

"I suppose today both sides would want to make it work unless North Korea has other plans to make the summit a failure", Hoo remarked further. "I mean, what world is that we're living in?"

"This is just a new beginning", Trump said while shaking hands with Kim.

"I may stand before you in six months and say, 'Hey, I was wrong.' ..."

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