Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Tesla to Roll Out Software with Self-Driving Focus

Tesla to Roll Out Software with Self-Driving Focus

To date, Autopilot resources have rightly focused entirely on safety.

Musk's promotion to his millions of followers - that the fantastic future of self-driving cars might only be a few months away - appeared to give the company a leg-up in the auto industry's most competitive technological race.

Tesla's shares were last up 3.3 percent at $327.93 on Monday after touching a high of $333.

Musk said that issue would be addressed in the most current Autopilot update and "fully fixed" in the August update. The canister could be filled by an electric pump run off the car's battery pack when the Roadster's drive motors don't need full power, although Musk said that they "are going to go a lot further", than that with the design.

But consumer groups say Tesla's marketing has often skirted the lines between encouraging responsible driving and suggesting the cars can drive themselves.

Currently, a Tesla in Autopilot mode can perform some self-driving functions such as parking and identification of highway lanes to improve the safety of changing lanes on the road. In the final second before the crash, the vehicle, which was under control of the autopilot, accelerated from 62 to 70.8 miles per hour, while no evidence of pre-crash braking or evasive steering movement was detected. Tesla did not immediately respond when asked if those features would be included in the August update. In the last six seconds, the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel.

Tesla to Roll Out Software with Self-Driving Focus

Testing of autonomous vehicles are still required to have humans in the driver seat right now, and Tesla might well point to inaction as the cause of the crash as opposed to failure of its system, though the report will not enforce the insistence autonomous vehicles are safer than human operated ones.

"It took the Joshua Brown death to make them take driver monitoring more seriously", Cummings said, referring to a fatal crash in Florida in 2016, during which a Tesla driving on Autopilot slammed into a semitrailer truck.

Tesla has been gradually upgrading its Autopilot features with regular software updates.

Autopilot's name may sound like it can drive a Tesla electric vehicle for you, but it's still a semi-autonomous feature that can auto-steer, keep you in your lane, brake, and accelerate the vehicle forward as long as the driver is still paying full attention with hands on the wheel.

"We can't treat cars like we do phones or computers", he said.

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