Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Knife attack on Japan bullet train leaves 1 dead, 2 hurt

Knife attack on Japan bullet train leaves 1 dead, 2 hurt

A man was killed and two women were injured in a stabbing attack on Japan's bullet train on Saturday night.

According to the newspaper, the attack occurred late on the train, EN route from Tokyo to Osaka.

The police managed to detain the attacker, 22 - year-old Ichiro Kojima, who during interrogation said that he had not planned the attack, and was greatly annoyed. Two women about 20 years received injuries to the head and shoulder, their life is not in danger.

Police are investigating the motive of the attack.

According to police, Kojima found a second knife.

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The suspect told investigators that he felt "frustrated and wanted to kill someone", public broadcaster NHK said, adding that he used at least two knives.

"Everyone fled and fell like one domino after another".

The suspect left home in Okazaki last December, according to his 81-year-old grandmother, who lived with him. The train was bound for the western city of Osaka.

After he started living with his grandmother, she said he mainly stayed home, reading books and surfing the internet.

The train was carrying about 880 passengers when the attack took place. In 2005, however, a man set himself on fire while on a bullet train, killing himself and another passenger and injuring nearly 30 others, triggering calls for stricter security measures on bullet trains. (JR Tokai) announced it would move up its plan to install more security cameras in bullet trains.

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