Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Markets | By Otis Pena

IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for

Predictions poured in with everything from the obvious like breakfast and bacon to bananas and bellinis, but ultimately the brand revealed it stands for burgers.

It's only a marketing campaign. According to a company statement, the name and logo change is only for the time being, indicating that the change may be nothing more than a temporary marketing ploy.

IHOP, The International House of Pancakes, announced Monday Morning that it is changing its name to IHOB and in a tweet revealed what the "B" is for.

Still, IHOb's bigger goal appears to have been achieved: To get consumers talking about the brand. "Our breakfast hasn't changed ... in fact, you can get pancakes with your burger at the same time", he added.

An IHOP in Hollywood is getting new IHOb signs, and some others might get the treatment. As of 2016, there were 1,695 locations worldwide.

So, to use another B-word, will there be a backlash?

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Social media was abuzz after the cryptic announcement, but what does the "b" stand for? The "b" stands for burgers!

Rebelez is not anxious about people being disappointed. He said some people were upset that IHOP would even consider tinkering with the name.

Many people on Twitter begged to differ.

Before fans do something drastic - like head to Denny's or drive to their local Waffle House - they can actually try the new line of hamburgers. "Burgers are the most consumed entree item for men, women and children in America", he said. In what can only be described as a major missed opportunity, none of the burgers are made with pancakes.

It's worth noting that the company's website still lives at

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