Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Allegedly Hits Tomorrow, The Question Is When?

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Allegedly Hits Tomorrow, The Question Is When?

"Download it, boot up Fortnite on your PS4, and the skin will be in your inventory".

Fortnite has exploded in popularity since launching in July previous year.

A NINE-year-old Fortnite lover is reportedly in rehab to deal with her addiction to the game. "She had fallen asleep twice in lessons and her grades were slipping", said mother Carol.

The child's addiction became so severe that she lashed out at her dad when he tried to confiscate the Xbox console. However, the gravity of the situation came to the forefront when the father found her sitting on an urine-soaked cushion while playing the game.

She went on to say the primary schoolgirl would secretly get up in the night and play until dawn.

Teachers have been urging parents to keep their children away from video game Fornite because it is damaging their education.

Carol said her "backside was red-raw, she was so hooked to the game she wouldn't even go to the toilet".

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The girl is now recovering with rehabilitation.

However, counsellor Steve Pope, who is treating the girl, warned it could be a "gateway" into further addictions in later life.

Child psychologists believe kids could develop mental health problems if they become too exposed to the game.

"I'll wake up at, like, 5am, get dressed then I'll play for two hours before school".

Tom Benhiam, 11, from Sydney, told News Corp that he could spend 2½-hours a day playing with his friends, despite being restricted to 30 minutes during the week.

Early this morning, Simon Aarons tweeted a screenshot of Fortnite data pulled from Nintendo's eShop servers (more here, and a screenshot right on Nintendo's server here) as they prepare for the game's release. has contacted maker of Fortnite, Epic Games, for comment.

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