Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Facebook announces Memories, brings all of your moments together in one place

Facebook announces Memories, brings all of your moments together in one place

This means that you can go back and reflect on all of the memories and such that you've shared with family and friends over the years.

Facebook has introduced a new nostalgia-inducing Memories section.

If you use Facebook, then you're likely already familiar with the On This Day feature, which brings up posts, photos, or life events to help remind you of the good or amusing times (though it can sometimes backfire).

Facebook has launched a new feature dubbed Memories.

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Now, here is what sections you'll find on your Memories page: On This Day, Friends Made On This Day, Recaps of Memories, and Memories You May Have Missed.

Facebook has now been around for 14 years meaning there are plenty of memories stored on its servers.

"Every day more than 90 million people use "On This Day" to reminisce about these moments they have shared on Facebook", said Oren Hod, Product Manager at Facebook, in a blog post on Monday. As TechCrunch observed, this is more about encouraging you to post quality material than the amount of time you spend with its content.

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