Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Celebs React to Robert De Niro's Viral Anti-Trump Tony Awards Speech

Celebs React to Robert De Niro's Viral Anti-Trump Tony Awards Speech

Or rather, a lot to say with very few words.

"I avoided so many events with them (his parents) in the past because I pretended that I was not Middle Eastern", said Stachel, whose father is of Yemeni and Israeli heritage.

Online, left-wing sentiment echoed the admiration, De Niro's off-hand comment earned him the titles of "genius" and 'national treasure.' Others assumed the glittering Broadway crowd was the ideal representation of the entire American population.

CBS, which broadcast the award show, censored his comments on television. F*ck Trump." The audience cheered and applauded as he added: "It's no longer down with Trump.

Furthermore, a month before the 2016 election, in a campaign video he said of the republican candidate, 'he says he'd like to punch someone in the face, I'd like to punch HIM in the face.' He was also one of the celebrities at Trump Tower on the even of the innauguration speaking out against the president.

He famously said he wanted to punch Trump "in the face" during the 2016 US Election, called him a "f***ing fool" and the "baby-in-chief" in January 2018, and the following month said the US was now suffering from a "case of temporary insanity".

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'Look at our president.

That initial victor was Andrew Garfield, taking home the award for best actor in a play as Prior Walter in the revival of "Angels in America", Tony Kushner's groundbreaking epic of gay rights in Reagan-era America. (Pictured at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival).

De Niro, a staunch Trump opponent, dropped a couple of F-bombs heard clearly by the Radio City Music crowd Sunday night.

De Niro's comments brought the cheering crowd at Radio City Music Hall to its feet but were bleeped for USA television audiences. Before doing that, De Niro chose to open with a message for President Donald Trump, who will soon meet with Kim Jon Ung.

Trump's supporters, on the other hand, were predictably annoyed.

And the backlash did come.

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