Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Anthem - release date and E3 2018 trailer

Anthem - release date and E3 2018 trailer

This year has seen a slightly more subdued showing from the company with quite a few reminders that micro-transactions are now bad.

The official EA Play 2018 live stream will be kicking off very soon. The game will feature on EA Access Trial on October 11th. The Colossus can cause massive damage across the battlefield, at the cost of mobility.

To start the show off, EA brought out the big guns and gave us a look at Battlefield V set during World War 2.

Not only this but more new modes are on the way, as well as content from the latest Han Solo movie.

"It's what we called "our would your story", explains Casey, "This is a living shared world, where everyone is playing together but when you finish the mission you come back to the base, which is a single player area and this is where your story really lives and breathes".

Calum MacLeod hundred powers Scotland to record 371/5 vs England
Derbyshire have added to their T20 Blast squad by signing batsman Calum MacLeod , who led Scotland to a one-day triumph over England on Sunday.

One of the biggest surprises of the show was the unveiling of Unravel Two. This new sequel will feature two Yarny character and is supposed to be more "friendlier" and "challenging" than the previous version. A sense of dread arises as the characters talk of unknown forces.

The first Unravel is actually a genuinely charming little game and well worth checking out.

Continuing to invest in its EA Originals indie publishing initiative, EA revealed a striking-looking new indie game. First up was the announcement of Sea of Solitude.

The gameplay reveal focused largely on full jetpack control, which allows the game's heroes (in suits called "Javelins") to fly up, over, and all around giant worlds and combat arenas, along with bombastic, third-person combat against giant, handsomely rendered beasts. The only way to fill a squad in Anthem is with other, human players.

It is coming in 2019 and certainly has a lot of promise. It's great to get something playable during E3, and not just trailers after trailers. Players will wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Players can customize their suits as well. If players hope to survive such a treacherous world then they'll need a Javelin, the developers explained. We also got a release date of February 22nd 2019. Battlefield 5 will absolutely be a big part of EA Play this year. "We are going to have some cosmetics and vanity items that you'll be able to purchase, but you're always going to know what you're going to buy before you spend any money on it", Mark Darrah, Executive Producer at BioWare explained (thanks IGN).

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