Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Drone NASA found possible evidence of life on Mars

Drone NASA found possible evidence of life on Mars

The new evidence comes from a pair of rocks.

Steele says that the next steps must be looking for organic compounds that are released from the rock samples at lower temperatures.

The extracted rocks were analyzed by the sample analysis machine (SAM), and heated till a certain level to find any gases that came out of them. The scientist who is there at the Goddard Space Flight Center has said that they have already spent five years to figure out the signals which are junk and they tried to remove it. About 95 percent of the methane in Earth's atmosphere is produced from biological activity, though the scientists said it is too soon to know if the Martian methane also is related to life.

Organic molecules are not direct evidence of life, but their presence suggests life could have once existed there. With so many plans being set forward, this is an exciting time for mankind, as we begin the next stage of exploring Mars and gaining a greater understanding of the many mysteries it holds. The mudstone gradually formed from silt that settled out of the water and accumulated at the bottom of the lake. The space organization would unzip their sealed lips about what is the secrecy found on Mars this Thursday. But they're of interest to astrobiologists because they are the essential ingredients in all the chemistry that drives life on Earth. Organic matter comprises a large number of compounds containing carbon atoms which are vital for the formation of life but there are numerous places with lots of organic matter but with no life.

She isn't ruling out that possibility, however.

The third theory we've all been wanting to prove it's true is that methane could be created by life on Mars. "Whether there was in the past or not is certainly an open question". There may be more material buried deeper. "We were just blown away", he said.

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"The big takeaway is that we can find evidence". Although there was no way to directly date the organic material found within the rocks, it has to be at least as old as the rocks themselves.

The rover has been seeing seasonal changes in the amount of methane in the Martian atmosphere. Thiophenes are the simplest sulphur-containing aromatic compounds (aromatic refers to how the molecules are bonded together) and it occurs with benzene in coal tar.

Again, while water-rock chemistry might have generated the methane, scientists can not rule out the possibility that the gas was produced by biological processes.

The results don't explain shorter-lived spikes in methane levels - as high as 45 parts per billion - that have been detected.

It's unclear exactly what we'll learn from the conference, as the space agency has only revealed that it has new "science results" to share with its eager public.

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