Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
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Roseanne Barr: 'I'm making restitution for the pain I have caused'

Roseanne Barr: 'I'm making restitution for the pain I have caused'

Barr did not elaborate on the tweet but many speculated that she might be offering assistance to the hundreds of people left out of work when U.S. network ABC cancelled the reboot of her hit show.

In addition, sources told TMZ that Roseanne producer Tom Werner is now involved in talks with ABC, and an announcement for a new show could arrive as early as this week.

Barris, speaking at Variety's Path to Parity summit, said he was planning on speaking out against the company before company canceled "Roseanne". Leaving aside everything else that has happened since Roseanne tweeted a racist jab at former President Obama aide Valerie Jarrett - including most prominently ABC cancelling Roseanne despite its high ratings - the last few weeks have been a series of Roseanne declaring radio silence only to come blaring back. "I was going to call my agent and go on Don Lemon and other shows".

"It was wonderful. Having Channing at the head and having [Disney CEO] Bob [Iger] be supportive" was significant, according to Barris.

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They need to apologize", Thomas' mother, Starr Ramsey, told the station. "He's going to be scared for the rest of his life now. He says they followed "all of the rules and protocols" but an internal investigation is being done to make certain of it.

Despite the spinoff's potential green light, a point of concern appears to be Barr, who is considered creator of the character she played on the show.

Barris offered up an analogy about ABC's decision to hire Barr, in spite of her controversial tendencies.

He noted Barr's tweet was "an indefensible moment but at the same time, you hired a monster and then you asked why the monster was killing villagers".

Following the show's axing, Barris posted a simple statement to Instagram, "Bye-bye!"

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