Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Marvel Introduces The Asgardians Of The Galaxy

And now Marvel has revealed the lineup.

Infinity Wars has yet to officially commence, but Marvel Comics' next massive event already has its first spinoff: The Asgardians of the Galaxy.

Asgardians of the Galaxy will be written by Cullen Bun and feature art by Matteo Lolli.

However, the only direct link to the Guardians of the Galaxy is Angela, Thor's sister, and the only person who has been on both teams.

In INFINITY WARS: PRIME #1, the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe reap what they sow as their frantic search for the Infinity Stones leads to cosmic madness like never before.

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Joining Angela is Marvel's original Valkyrie, Brunhilde, and her human host, Annabelle Riggs.

SKURGE the EXECUTIONER, freshly returned from Hel.

Another member of the team is Thunderstrike a.k.a. Kevin Masterson, a young man from Earth who inherited the power and the mantle from father, original Thunderstrike Eric Masterson.

The Destroyer, the Asgardian armor built to take down Celestials - its wielder unknown. The Duggan/Kuder (not to be confused with Dunning-Kruger.that's our President) Guardians comics are the most flawless distillation of everything you love about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies right now, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

What this group's mission statement is and why they are taking over for the Guardians - indeed, why the Guardians are gone at all - is anybody's guess at this point.

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