Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Jeremy Corbyn rejects pleas to stay in the European Union single market

Jeremy Corbyn rejects pleas to stay in the European Union single market

Who supports it? Only a relatively small number of committed eurosceptics in Parliament regard this as their preferred result, but many MPs - particularly on the Tory benches - believe the Government should be preparing for the possibility of a "no deal" exit in order to strengthen the UK's hand in negotiations with Brussels.

Mr Corbyn will also surely have something up his sleeve for future weeks if the rail chaos continues.

But Sir Keir said the EEA amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that will go before MPs on Monday was too divisive in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

Former shadow chancellor Chris Leslie said: "We should not be in the business of bailing out Theresa May when she's facing rebellion on the single market".

"Both of those will do what we have committed to do, which is to ensure that we deliver no hard border in Northern Ireland and we've been very clear in the December joint report about what that means".

Britain should withdraw from the European single market and customs union, to enable it to strike new trade deals around the world.

"They know as well as I do that their own colleagues in the party are indicating they are not prepared to vote for this".

The official Labour amendments to the Brexit Bill call on Mrs May to make maintaining "full access" to the European Union "internal market" an objective of the negotiations with Brussels.

"What does it say about the Prime Minister and the government's stance on Brexit when she always loses the exchanges on Brexit in the House of Commons?".

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European Union negotiators have repeatedly made it clear there can be no cherry picking or division of the four freedoms of the single market, including free movement of people.

The Prime Minister's hopes of avoiding defeat over another amendment, aimed at keeping the United Kingdom in the single market, were given a boost as it emerged Labour MPs would be told to abstain.

The move was heralded by some as a significant shift by the Labour leadership towards a softer Brexit position, though several pro-EU Labour MPs said it would throw away the potential to defeat the government on the EEA amendment.

Stephen Gethins for the SNP said: "Any Brexit scenario is damaging but remaining in the single market and customs union would be the least worst option to protect the economy, jobs and livelihoods".

He said: "The option of us continuing to participate in the single market is only dead insofar as the Labour frontbench seek to adopt that position and I sincerely hope that we will do right by our values and seek to keep us in the EEA".

Mrs May also came under pressure from Tory MPs, with Crawley MP Henry Smith saying his constituents wanted her to get on with both Brexit and sorting out the rail mess.

Iain Dale claimed Jeremy Corbyn "easily came out on top" during Wednesday's Brexit debate between the Labour leader and the Prime Minister. That is what Liberal Democrats will be voting for.

Meanwhile, Mrs May's decision to squeeze Commons consideration of the 15 Lords amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill into a single 12-hour day on June 12 provoked an angry reaction on the opposition benches.

At an Open Britain event, she said that Tories at all levels of government - including in the Cabinet - supported an EEA deal.

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