Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Castlevania's Animated Series On Netflix Is Getting A Third Season

Castlevania's Animated Series On Netflix Is Getting A Third Season

The eight-episode second season picks up where the the first ended, with Belmont allying himself with both Alucard and Sypha Belnades to bring an end to Dracula's reign of terror on the people of Wallachia.

Netflix has picked up a third season of its Castlevania animated series, DigitalSpy reported.

Castlevania is available to watch on Netflix. (Given the track record of most video game movies, that may have ultimately been for the best.) Still, Mr. Armitage expressed his hope that we would eventually see a sparkle-free vampire experience on the silver screen. Adapting a beloved franchise is always tricky, but it struck the right balance between doing something fresh and new with the source material and honouring the original games - in this case, the story of Castlevania III.

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Coming in the summer of a year ago, the Netflix-produced animated Castlevania series gathered a surprising reception in its adaptation of the beloved series of games, and now it appears Netflix is preparing for more adventures with the Belmonts in the future.

The son of Dracula [Adrian Tepes, voiced by James Callis] and my character get much more collaborative.

Indeed, Trevor and Alucard's first meeting is a bit turbulent. Whether they'll be successful or not remains to be seen.

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