Published: Sun, June 03, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Teacher Accused Of Feeding Puppy To Turtle Faces Animal Cruelty Charge

Teacher Accused Of Feeding Puppy To Turtle Faces Animal Cruelty Charge

The charge against science teacher Robert Crosland was filed in Franklin County Friday, almost three months after the incident that sparked uproar across Idaho and beyond.

The state attorney general was asked to take over the case by Franklin County Prosecutor Vic Pearson, who cited conflict of interest.

An Idaho teacher accused of feeding a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of several students has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

"Even if the puppy was so sick it was eventually going to die, Crosland should not have fed it to a snapping turtle, especially while still alive", the petition's statement read.

The story made headlines around the world, and many demanded that Crosland be charged, the news outlet reported.

After the incident in March, the turtle was "humanely euthanised" as it was considered an invasive species.

Crosland has since been charged with a misdemeanour count of animal cruelty.

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) weighed in saying Crosland is "a bully who should not be allowed near impressionable young people".

The petition referred to Crosland's stunt as "sick" and "disturbing", continuing: "According to the school district's superintendent, the incident happened after school hours, though a few students were present at that time".

The incident resulted in threats targeting Crosland and Preston schools.

"If anyone has a right to be upset, it is me", Farahlyn Hansen told the paper.

"All of the three kids that were there felt Robert did the humane and right thing". Authorities increased security after a Facebook post was created encouraging violence against Preston School District 201.

Repercussion for a crime of this nature could include fines not exceeding $5,000, or up to six months incarceration.

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