Published: Sun, June 03, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

ONTARIO VOTES: Wynne Concedes Defeat, Urges Voters to Choose Liberals

ONTARIO VOTES: Wynne Concedes Defeat, Urges Voters to Choose Liberals

"For this reason, many voters are anxious about handing a blank cheque to either Doug Ford or the NDP".

On the verge of tears, the premier said that the Liberals wouldn't be able to form the government after the election and that she wasn't going to pretend it wasn't hard.

Observers have suggested that Wynne is less popular than her party, so her admission that she won't be premier will allow more Liberals to feel comfortable voting for the Liberal candidates that they do like, and that could allow them to elect more MPPs on Thursday.

"On June 7th voters will elect a new government".

University of Toronto political scientist Chris Cochrane told CTV News Channel that he believes Wynne's speech indicates a "clever" strategy that shows the Liberals are playing the long game.

Ford didn't offer anything in terms of publicized statements about Wynne's press conference, but Horwath was scathing in her response to the premier, saying she's basically giving up on the fight against "Doug Ford's cuts". "I stand by the plan we put forward", she said.

When it came to the NDP - she didn't refer to Horwath by name - she said voters worry about the economic damage they could inflict by raising taxes on small businesses and stifle job growth while not using legislation to break up strikes.

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Unions had pushed for a $50 per week rise to the minimum wage, taking it from the current weekly $694.90 to $744.90. The ACTU secretary, Sally McManus, welcomed the decision as a step in the right direction.

Wynne, however, said she'd still be on the campaign trail advocating for candidates in local elections "through until that last vote is cast".

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks at a campaign rally in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 1, 2018.

"It's important to give a message to the people who are still kind of vacillating that, sure, after 15 years you might want a change - but make sure you want the change that you really need", Sadeque said. "And we can't afford Ford", she said.

He told reporters his attention is only on winning government, saying his party is taking nothing for granted.

It's unclear if Wynne will step down as leader of the Liberal party after the election that is just five days away. She acknowledged some of them would be "mad" about her decision.

"But you know it's still not too late for me to be swayed one way or the other as well", Benoit said - although he added he would only consider switching his vote to the NDP.

The source said the party thinks this is the best way to ensure the Liberals win enough seats to be a moderating force in the next parliament.

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