Published: Sun, June 03, 2018
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Fallout: New Vegas-mod New California released October 23rd

Fallout: New Vegas-mod New California released October 23rd

Yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios revealed their latest project in the form of Fallout 76. Since the total conversion mod brings the world of New Vegas into Fallout 4, many were wondering if those pesky audio property rights would once more get in the way. There were speculations that this could be an online survival RPG game. We expect the release date to be revealed during the Bethesda press conference at E3. The on-site filming is made possible by fan donations over at the team's Patreon.

Much to the surprise of all Bethesda fans, the game company recently announced the release of Fallout 76 - but what will the game actually be like? 76 speaks to the 300th anniversary of the American experiment - 2076, and Vault 76 is where you'll be coming from.

There there is some of the clues that can be found in the new Fallout 76 trailer. Maybe we might see similar features in Fallout 76.

What we know of Vault 76 so far is from small refrences in Fallout 3 and 4. Whichever way it ends up, it appears that all Fallout 76 mods will go through official channels. No details were shared on what this game might offer, but we do know this game is confirmed to make an appearance at E3.

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Aside from that information, and a brief teaser trailer, little is known about "Fallout 76". The terminal in Fallout 3 we mentioned also placed in the vault in the nearby DC area, though Bethesda may avoid overlapping with the territory used in Fallout 3.

A brief clip is shown on a television, seemingly from the inauguration of the vault.

Given when the game is set, it's likely there'll be a large focus on rebuilding civilization, with the potential to create your own settlements and communities instead of playing the lone wanderer.

What do you think of the newest installment in the Fallout universe?

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