Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
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New Insomniac VR Game Being Developed Even Before Spiderman Comes Out

New Insomniac VR Game Being Developed Even Before Spiderman Comes Out

Insomniac's previous VR-based titles, Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken, were less ambitious fare, player movement-wise, with Edge of Nowhere being a linear third-person adventure and The Unspoken being a touch-enabled action game. The developer did not reveal the name of the game but the trailer ended with "Reclaim Your World" attached to a June 7th date.

Insomniac Games, known for Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive, and the now in development Spider-Man PS4, is teasing a new sci-fi VR game for the Oculus Rift called The Unspoken. But they also talked about going beyond what they've done before. But according to a new developer spotlight video from Oculus, the acclaimed developer is also working on a new VR game, which is set to unveil on June 7. It does give us a bit of insight into what we'll be seeing with the new VR game, however, and it looks and sounds like it'll be good.

Insomniac has told GamesBeat that it will have more to show of its next game as we march ever closer to the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles in two weeks.

"We made some interesting discoveries", explained Daly. Movement in virtual reality has been an issue that has plagued the platform from the start-some VR titles inadvertently induce nausea in the player and others just feel downright clunky.

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A new Insomniac VR game is being developed, even though the studio hasn't yet released the Spiderman game, which is slated to come out in September.

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"[We wanted] to create really immersive handsome spaces and apply to it a new palette of open-world adventure", said Principal Designer Duncan Moore.

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