Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
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Play Music subscribers can migrate collections, playlists to YouTube Music

Play Music subscribers can migrate collections, playlists to YouTube Music

Google Play and YouTube Red reportedly have a total of seven million subscribers. Last week, Music head at YouTube T. Jay Fowler noted user's "collection, playlists and preferences will be preserved".

That's not a complete solution, however, so letting users upload music they may have already paid for is likely to come as a relief for current Google Play Music subscribers.

The new music service was allegedly going to combine the best features of YouTube's pre-existing music service, but with Google Play Music.

YouTube Music is now launching in five countries that also had YouTube Red: United States, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Microsoft used to offer this service with its Groove Music service but now, only Google offers this music locker for free.

Google also confirmed to The Verge that purchasing music and playing music stored locally will be added at some point.

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The move also appears to be a tacit admission by YouTube that now there is more of that opportunity in music subscriptions than there is in video, a landscape overrun with competition from deep-pocketed players including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple.

YouTube executives contend that the focus on music doesn't mean a de-emphasis on original programming.

Google Play Music is Google's music streaming service. The upload functionality is coming with future updates to the YouTube streaming service.

Finally, we do not know if YouTube Music will eventually gain the ability to play on-device audio files. That'll continue to be the case with YouTube Music, and a redesigned mobile and desktop app will serve up music videos, tunes, and plenty more easily.

Additionally, YouTube Red is now being re-branded into YouTube Premium, which will cost $11.99 for new customers and will also include YouTube Music Premium. YouTube's chart suggests otherwise, although it'll feel odd to see any ads within the YouTube Music app if you're paying for the service.

Google told Google Play Music users that "nothing will change" in a press release announcing the YouTube Music rollout earlier this week, but that appears to only be true in the short term. YouTube Music also has a cool feature called "Offline Mixtape", which "automatically downloads songs you love" so you have them handy if you really want them. There is no word when will Google pull the plug on Play Music service. In fact, YouTube Music is the fourth attempt. Let's wait to see where it'll stand.

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