Published: Mon, May 21, 2018
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Airline passenger accused of punching deaf pregnant woman, service dog

Airline passenger accused of punching deaf pregnant woman, service dog

The woman and her husband, who are deaf, had reportedly gotten into a verbal altercation with another passenger who punched their service dog on a Frontier flight from Colorado Springs to Orlando.

Hazel Ramirez and Matthew Slivay, who are deaf, were on the flight to Orlando with their two kids and the dog.

Police took 59-year-old Timothy Manley into custody at the Orlando International Airport after he allegedly punched a pregnant woman - and her dog - on a Frontier flight arriving from Colorado Springs. "Upon deplaning Flight 1752 from Colorado Springs to Orlando, there was a confrontation between passengers". One other man can also be heard yelling, "The place's the police?"

Police said Manley hit the dog with a closed fist, causing Zariel to yelp and hide from the man under a seat. The dog's deaf owners, Matthew Silva and fiancee Hazel Ramirez, shouted and signed angrily at the Manleys as the plane taxied to the gate.

"I hope he will be arrested", Ramirez said.

Hazel Ramirez

However, Petrini Manley called the situation a misunderstanding, saying that her husband loves animals and would never intentionally harm the couple's dog. Her adult son who was flying with them shot video onboard the plane that she said shows Silvay kicking her husband as he's seated in his chair.

Off the plane, the passengers' feud appeared to escalate. "She was freaking out". Silvay admitted to tackling Timothy Maley after they departed the plane, police said. Upon touchdown and taxiing, the canine reportedly wakened, at which level Manley punched it within the face.

Manley's wife told WFTV that the way Silvay was acting made it seem like he was trying to hold them hostage.

None of those involved in the incident wanted to get medical assistance and they were later questioned by responding officers.

Because the incident occurred on an airplane, the investigation will be handled by the FBI, Michelle Guido, Orlando Police Department spokeswoman, told the Orlando Sentinel. She plans to press charges and testify against Manley in court.

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