Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Latest Eighth Amendment Poll Shows Continued But Reduced Lead For 'Yes'

Latest Eighth Amendment Poll Shows Continued But Reduced Lead For 'Yes'

Forty-four percent of people say they'll vote "Yes" to repeal the 8th amendment in this month's referendum, according to a new poll.

"I support the right for women to have a choice, my mother, my sisters, my a wife and all my family feel the same way - and to call on people to vote and to use your vote.look into your own conscience". This means that among decided voters, those in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment lead by 16 points.

A further 17 percent are undecided, with 5 percent not intending to vote and 2 percent refusing to answer.

However, the poll suggests that the No side will need a dramatic increase in points if there is to be a majority No vote in the referendum.

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It also shows that Dublin remains the most pro-repeal part of the country, while older voters are still more likely to support the No side.

Irish voters who favor liberalizing abortion laws maintain a strong lead with eight days to go until a referendum, but the gap over those who oppose the change is narrowing, an opinion poll showed on Thursday.

"In the remaining days, we intend to redouble our efforts to show people that if they want to provide care and support for women in the most hard circumstances they need to vote Yes".

Now the Eighth Amendment is the only protection unborn Irish babies have from abortion.

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