Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

YouTube Adds Songwriter, Label, Publisher Credits to Millions of Songs

YouTube Adds Songwriter, Label, Publisher Credits to Millions of Songs

It will provide credits for the artist, songwriter, label and publisher on all music videos as well as fan-uploaded content that contains recorded music. Aside from credits, the menu will also include links to the original artist's YouTube channel and official music video, when applicable.

And for users, "when a song catches your ear in a video, you can now learn more and dive in deeper by following a link to the official video when available to discover even more about the creators of the song you're digging".

"YouTube is committed to providing recognition to all of the people who contribute to the creative process, and this is just the beginning".

This addition is part of ongoing work to provide proper credit to artists on streaming platforms. The company said the new feature is driven by its Content ID system, which finds and monetizes user-uploaded videos for rights owners, and is aided by existing partnerships with labels, publishers and rights societies.

On May 10, YouTube announced changes to several of its global charts, including for top songs, top artists and top music videos.

YouTube to launch music streaming service on 22 May

The influx of such vast rights information into YouTube can only be a good thing, however, for songwriters, labels and publishers - especially those hoping to be prominently credited on the platform's soon-to-be-launched audio/visual streaming music service, now codenamed Remix. The music is identified automatically by the technology behind YouTube's ContentID. Accessing this information is now easier than ever, skyrocketing new possibilities of discoverability for consumers.

YouTube says the Music in this video feature is already available for over half a billion videos, and that it will continue to expand.

Elton John said: "Songwriters are the heart and the soul of songs, so it's wonderful seeing them get the credit they deserve.There is so much more we can do to establish a better situation for music creators and this is great step forward".

Why YouTube has waited so long to present this music discovery feature is anyone's guess (Shazam anyone), but here it is. "Music in this video" will be apart of all videos on YouTube.

SC Collegium defers decision on Justice Joseph's elevation again
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court website crashed yesterday as well, so the Collegium decision could not be uploaded in the evening. It had then also made a decision to consider the names of other High Court Judges for elevation as judges of the Supreme Court.

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