Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

PUBG Mobile Gets Miramar Map

PUBG Mobile Gets Miramar Map

Are you still playing PUBG Mobile?

The battle royale game operates in an nearly identical fashion to its PC and Xbox counterparts when played on a high end smartphone.

A newly released dev diary takes viewers behind the scenes of the new update, with the team at Tencent speaking about the challenges of "copying and pasting" the Miramar map from PC to mobile, and methods used to ensure the game runs smoothly. There's the aforementioned desert map, Progress Missions, Secret Stash, Local Quick Teams, and more.

Something else that's new is Progress Missions.

When launching PUBG on your device, you'll be advised that it's not compulsory, but you'll be unable to play any on the new patch.

YouTube launches new music streaming service May 22
The big question now is who will be paying for this new subscriptions? "YouTube in general is where most music is consumed". Just last week, YouTube Music redesigned its now playing interface and added a queue feature to control what plays next.

You can also change the style, choosing between classic, colourful (vibrant), realistic and soft to suit your preference. Basically, it's a way to earn stuff instead of spending real money.

Those are just few of the changes which you can see at the top, under the hood the game has been improved too. If you have people physically near you that also play PUBG Mobile, you can enter a six-digit code to team up with them. Making it easier to join multiplayer matches and battle with your buddies. - Added language-specific chat channels: there is now an additional channel based on the language of your choice.

Of course, PUBG Mobile still has a long way to go if it hopes to catch up to the PC version. You'll find tons of new clothing, special clothing or items to buy for your character, and other add-ons. You can head over to Reddit for a full list and changelog.

The 0.5.0 update is packed with improvements as well, such as sound effects added to melee combat and breaking doors, smoother spectator mode and parachute camera, and an improved display of personal information. That's a big one, and something a lot of players continue to complain about.

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