Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Multiple people injured in serious crash between school bus, dump truck

Multiple people injured in serious crash between school bus, dump truck

A serious crash between school bus and dump truck on a New Jersey highway has left multiple people injured, according to police. The top of the bus came completely off of the undercarriage of the bus.

Several victims were reported ejected in the crash, which knocked the bus off its chassis and onto a highway median.

The school bus had markings for the Paramus School District. The front of it is barely recognizable, a mangled chunk of broken-apart machinery spread from the highway shoulder lane through the guardrail and into the grassy median, where police and first responders are seen tending to stunned children. There was also damage to the back of the bus.

A red dump truck with a mangled front end was parked along the highway nearby, about 50 miles west of NY. Some eastbound lanes reopened about an hour later, although the westbound lanes remained closed.

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Students were reportedly from a middle school in the Paramus school district.

State police said an unknown number of children were on the bus, but they don't know how serious the injuries might be.

Multiple people have been taken to the hospital. The accident occurred on Route 80 in Morris County.

Mount Olive Mayor Rob Greenbaum described it as a "horrific scene". "It doesn't take long to look at this accident scene and to understand how horrific the injuries would be". The Paramus transportation office declined to share information with News 4, calling the situation "upsetting".

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