Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Is this $4500 solar-powered iPhone the future of business smartphones?

Is this $4500 solar-powered iPhone the future of business smartphones?

Caviar says the phones are equipped with a special battery charge indicator and a number of other high-end features for any eco-conscious consumers. A year ago they released a $2500 Nokia 3310 variant, which included none other than a golden engraving of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the back.

Who knows what happens to the solar panel in Russia's long, dark winters, but owners nonetheless get a fancy blue solar panel on the rear, gold edges, and a gold plate next to the camera that's embossed with the word "TESLA" and a unique number ranging from 1 to 999, denoting the total number of iPhone Tesla X units Caviar intends to make.

Caviar, a Russian company which specializes in gilding and fitting jewels to electronic devices, has put its iPhone X Tesla on sale.

The case, however, is bulky and increases the thickness of the phone by a considerable margin.

The smartphone is significantly thicker than its iPhone X counterpart, coming in at a whopping 16.2mm thickness, as opposed to the 7.7mm size of the average Apple device. By the same token, it weighs at 0.57 pounds, up from 0.37 pounds.

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Caviar argues that the housing is protected against water and dust according to IP67 standard.

While it's called "Tesla", it doesn't have any connection with Tesla. The product has been thus named as a nod to Elon Musk's work in the field of sustainable energy. The development in the sphere of creating solar batteries, smart homes, equipped with such batteries and vehicles working on the electricity, is actively carried out by Elon Musk today - the main mastermind of the Tesla Company; in honor of his great innovative developments, the new Caviar phone was named.

Caviar was inspired by the "three men of science", one of which is Musk. The cost does not include the local taxes and customs duties.

For $4,555 you can get the iPhone X Tesla with 64GB of storage, and for $4,805 you can get the 256GB model.

Despite the price, Caviar is selling more of its product than first planned. The accessory maker is also said to give the first unit it manufactured to Musk.

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