Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

What Pope Francis said about Gaza killings, violence in middle

What Pope Francis said about Gaza killings, violence in middle

DAILY POST recalls that Israeli forces had on Monday killed 60 Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border.

"I am very anxious about the escalation of tensions in the Holy Land and the Middle East, and about the spiral of violence which moves us ever further away from the path of peace, dialogue and negotiation", he said during his weekly audience at the Vatican.

"I repeat that the use of violence never lead to peace".

"War calls war, violence calls violence". "God have mercy on us!"

Eight children under the age of 16, including an eight-month-old baby, were among Monday's dead.

Jerusalem's status is perhaps the thorniest issue of the decades-long conflict, with Israeli claiming the entire Holy City as its capital while the Palestinians want the eastern sector as capital of their future state.

Blame Hamas For Gaza Bloodshed
More than 2,000 Gaza residents have been wounded in that time by Israeli fire. It's been the deadliest day there since a devastating 2014 cross-border war.

"I invite all the parties involved and the global community to renew their commitment because dialogue, justice and peace prevail", Francis said, before leading the thousands who were gathered in St. Peter's Square in praying a Hail Mary.

The Pope then recited the "Hail Mary" prayer, inviting all to join him in praying to Mary, Queen of Peace.

Preaching May 15 at the Vatican's Santa Marta Residence, the pope noted that St. Paul, who was "compelled by the Holy Spirit" to leave Ephesus and journey to Jerusalem, "shows us the pathway for every bishop when it's time to take his leave and step down".

Again quoting the words of St. Paul, he said: "Clothe yourselves with sentiments of tenderness, of goodness, of humility, of meekness, of magnanimity, enduring each other and forgiving one another". He also explained the meaning of the baptismal candle, lit from the Paschal candle.

Francis explained that in the early years of the Church, Baptism was also called "illumination", and the newly Baptized were called the "illuminated", following Jesus words that he is "the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life". Christian education is a right for children. He explained that is symbolized the fire of faith passing from the godparents and parents to the child.

POPE FRANCIS " With sadness, I remember the wars.

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