Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Train company says sorry for 'inexcusable' 25-second early departure in Japan

Train company says sorry for 'inexcusable' 25-second early departure in Japan

Trains are rubbish in Britain, which is why we've all found ourselves helplessly waiting on a freezing platform for a delayed service at some point.

But in Japan, they take public transport far more seriously - as shown by a weird recent incident.

If you think it's a little unusual to see the time written like that, rest assured that it's not the normal way of doing things in Japan, but JR West felt it necessary in order to fully disclose the damage, as the train left 25 seconds earlier than its scheduled time of 7:12.

The West Japan Railways train left Notogawa Station bound for Nishi Akashi at 35 second past 7:11am on Friday morning (local time) instead of the scheduled 7:12am.

The train conductor misunderstood the departure time and closed the train doors ahead of schedule, according to the company's press release. He quickly realized his error, and checked the platform for stragglers; seeing none, and rather than risking a potential delay by reopening the doors, he departed at 7:11:35am.

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Which is fair enough - except the train left only 25 seconds before its timetabled departure, and the next one arrived just six minutes later.

However, West Japan Railways said sorry to its customers for causing "great inconvenience" over the incident in Shiga, Sora News24 reported.

Japan prizes itself on punctuality.

However, it turned out there actually were a few people on the platform who'd been hoping to board the train, and when the conductor didn't notice them and made a decision to leave, they got left behind.

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