Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Putin says Russian warships permanently on duty in Mediterranean

Putin says Russian warships permanently on duty in Mediterranean

As relations between the West and Russian Federation have plummeted to post-Cold War lows, Putin has maintained that he does not want an arms race, but at the same time he has warned that his country is developing a new generation of weapons that he has described as "invincible" and unmatched by foreign rivals.

Russian Federation will keep its warships - armed with Kalibr cruise missiles - in the Mediterranean to thwart the possible re-emergence of terrorist groups in Syria, President Vladimir Putin said, hailing the navy's operations overseas.

Putin, whose relations with the West have deteriorated, said previously he does not want an arms race, while warning potential enemies that his country has developed a new generation of invincible weapons to protect itself.

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"This year, 102 expeditions of ships and submarines are planned", Putin said at a meeting with senior military officials and representatives of the defense industry.

Putin on Wednesday said only warships armed with Kalibr missiles would be on permanent standby and not submarines. This statement was made at a meeting on military construction in Sochi.

"Due to the remaining threat of incursions by global terrorists in Syria, our ships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles will be constantly deployed in the Mediterranean Sea", Putin said at a military meeting.

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