Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Piers Morgan tears apart Meghan Markle's half-sister in interview following dad's drama

Piers Morgan tears apart Meghan Markle's half-sister in interview following dad's drama

If you've been living under a rock, Samantha is the daughter of Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, who has been caught setting up paparazzi shots of himself for money.

With the media locked in a revolving door of will-he-won't-he surrounding Meghan and Samantha's father Thomas and his attendance at Saturday's royal wedding, the latter has been doing the rounds of TV talk shows to give rolling updates and explain her role in Mr Markle's freakish decision to stage photographs with a paparazzi photographer.

After defending her father from the "media vultures", Piers then went for the kill: 'There's no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you, is there, Miss Markle?

"Many of our viewers may have watched your activities in a year and half and think that you have treated your sister, Meghan, in a shabby way", Piers said referencing the fact Samantha is penning a book about Meghan called The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister.

But Morgan was not accepting this because he believes that Markle is still stinging from her sister's rejection.

"How do you have the gall to come on here and talk about media vultures".

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But it was when she said the phrase "media vultures" that Piers really lost his rag. "It's a little bit impolite at best, and I would be a little concerned if I was the royal family that here you have someone who appears to be on the face of it, a lovely person, but is prepared to cut people like that".

Samantha Markle stood her ground to say that she was only being protective of her father who had been picked on by the media. "I wrote a book with a title that was controversial with the full intent of showing in the book that I was making a mockery of social labels".

She said: "I spoke to him early in the morning yesterday and he was quite depressed over a series of events involving the media".

"I wanted a title that was opposite content, so for intelligent minds, to look at that I assume that people would understand that, ' before saying people preferred to 'look at the negative".

"I hope so [that he will attend]". After testing, it's suggested that medical professionals briefed Thomas that his heart attack had caused significant damage, and that he would need immediate surgery. They're not always that loud. For him that was the case. But clearly the priority should be whether or not it's safe for him to do that.

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