Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Nikki Bella is 'speechless' following John Cena's candid Today show interview

Nikki Bella is 'speechless' following John Cena's candid Today show interview

"Honestly, John and I have shared our bed together maybe 30 days total, out of six months", she says. Whether it is Cena hiding a new love interest or simply the fact that he's still with Nikki Bella there is something askew and if you noticed this fact then take solace in knowing you're not the only one.

"Hearing Brie and Lauren, JJ and Bryan all talk about their family stuff and their kids, it makes it sink in a little bit more of lonely it will be and how lonely it gets", she explains.

"I was given a chance to be honest and I think that's important", Cena reflected on Tuesday. "He really is the love of my life", Bella exclusively told ET. "I truly hope one day that we can work it out and get back together". "I just want us both to live the rest of our lives happy". Right now I'm just focusing on me. I think that's-she's searching for something, so I know I can't force her to find it-I don't want this to fall apart because of speculation. However, the Blockers star professed his love for and desire to reconcile with his ex during a Monday, May 14, appearance the Today show.

"It's been incredibly reflective, which is incredible, but it is very hard - I had my heart broken out of nowhere, or for me, it was out of nowhere", he said.

Cena went on to say he does not care about being "viral" with his comments, and he does not care about everything that comes out publicly following his comments, because his words were for an audience of one - and that is Nicole.

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"I don't want anybody else", Cena said. "But I don't have any other hopes, other than one day that we can work it out".

But during an appearance Monday on "Today", Cena said he had his "heart broken out of nowhere" and has been "incredibly reflective" since their breakup.

For her part, Bella told Entertainment Tonight Monday that Cena "is such an unbelievable man".

"I have to give a lot of credit to John and Nicole".

Bella's twin sister Brie Bella and sister-in-law discuss how their priorities have changed since become moms at a dinner party during the clip, leading Bella to realize that by never having children, she'll continue to spend most of her time alone.

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