Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Lane Johnson Really Doesn't Like the Patriots

Lane Johnson Really Doesn't Like the Patriots

This time, he claimed that before Philly's Super Bowl win, Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, was talking trash to their owner, Jeffrey Lurie, and he said that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was also talking trash to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. Bill talking (expletive) to our head coach before the game. "I'm not going to say it, but a lot of s- kind built up to that, and I just got exhausted of hearing about it, man, to be honest". Johnson had described the Patriots as a "fear-based organization" with players reduced to "robots", and the retired wrestler asked what the "biggest difference" was between that squad and the lineman's own team.

Light joins Kevin Faulk (2016), Troy Brown (2012) and Tedy Bruschi (2013) as the fourth player to enter The Hall as a career Patriot with three Super Bowl rings.

Matt Light #72 of the New England Patriots celebrates the win over the Washington Redskins at Gillette Stadium October 28, 2007 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Although Light would fail to win another Super Bowl, he helped the team make it to two more Super Bowl appearances, falling both times to the New York Giants.

Johnson's hatred for the Patriots probably won't ever subside, and it'll be entertaining as ever to see if he continues to talk trash about them as the season nears.

Carillion's board presided over 'rotten corporate culture', say MPs
And the stark warning from MPs today is that if the lessons of Carillion are not heeded, it could happen again - and soon. Not surprisingly, Carillion directors, who were allowed sight of the report on Monday, have a different take on events.

Johnson suggested that he'd rather win one championship having fun, like the Eagles clearly did, than win multiple Super Bowl's under the bordering on oppressive nature of Bill Belichick's regime.

"Here's what pissed me off", Johnson said, via No, it's not. And that's what I got mad at, the arrogance by them.

On the podcast, Johnson moved to dismissing the Patriots' defense as not being "overly talented", with "containing Tom Brady" as the key to victory. We had a hard time doing that. They're not going to say what they really want to say. "What do you think they're going to say, 'I (bleeping) hated it there?' No". Going into the game, I'm not going to be shell-shocked by it.

"Like I said, they're robots." he noted. For more than a decade, Matt fearlessly protected Tom Brady's blind side and played an immeasurably important role in delivering three Super Bowl titles and five conference championships.

Johnson's response to Volin to that indicated that he was not particularly concerned. I can tell you that firsthand from my rookie year.

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