Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

HTC unveils its first blockchain-powered smartphone, the Exodus

HTC unveils its first blockchain-powered smartphone, the Exodus

Honestly, I would find it extremely paradoxical if HTC didn't accept cryptocurrency for its blockchain-powered phone.

The Android-powered phone will be tailor-made to provide support for decentralized applications (DApps) like CryptoKitties, and it will feature a secure hardware enclave to provide users with access to a universal cryptocurrency wallet that is native to the device. The goal, TNW notes, is to "facilitate" crypto trading among Exodus owners. Users can reserve a smartphone on the Exodus website.

"We envision a phone where you hold your own keys, you own your own identity and data, and your phone is the hub", HTC's Phil Chen said Tuesday at Consensus 2018, a New York City blockchain conference. The HTC Exodus comes amidst the Google acquihire of two thousands employees, while the company's primary lead is now in virtual reality with the Vive. "Together, we want to craft the best blockchain & decentralized application experiences to end consumers".

Furthermore, all Exodus phones will also act as nodes to manage cryptocurrency trading that takes place through HTC's own blockchain network.

"Through the Exodus, we are also excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more", Chen wrote in a blog post accompanying the announcement. The company said they'd like to eventually support the "entire blockchain ecosystem", and added that they'll announce new partnerships in the months to come. That price and the release date, however, have yet to be revealed.

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Here's the first image of the handset, which will go on sale in October.

There's no doubt that HTC's trying something different compared to most other Android OEMs with Exodus, but I'm not sure this is the product that'll revitalize the company's mobile business.

You'll also be able to easily trade with peers on the phone's network - without any mining fees.

Of course, as TNW points out, these types of features can already be installed on basically any smartphone already on the market.

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