Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Fox boss: 'No plans' for more The X-Files

Fox boss: 'No plans' for more The X-Files

That's according to Fox network co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman who on this morning's call with reporters confirmed that Mulder and Scully have retired.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the "My Struggle IV" season finale episode of The X-Files.

Over the weekend, television networks rolled out their schedules for the 2018-2019 broadcast schedule, with Fox dropping Brooklyn Nine-Nine (before NBC swooped in to save the beloved series) and failing to so much as mention The X-Files.

The major network has recently attempted to revive the X-Files, Prison Break and 24, among others, and, while all did okay in terms of overall viewership, the numbers were absolutely awful when compared to other seasons, other shows and prior projections.

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The X-Files revival has been hit or miss, and mostly miss. As Fox Television CEO and chairman Dana Walden explained, "We are developing around the 24 franchise, which frankly we have [been developing] nearly since the show went off the air".

There's no indication of what the next new Prison Break season will be about, but Thorn's statement that they're focused on "getting the next iteration right" indicates they're putting some sort of thought into this idea and not just going for a quick cash-grab.

"Prison Break is in early stages of development. Don't anticipate there would be any kind of significant announcements for months". But it looks like The X-Files have finally been closed. When the sci-fi drama returned for its 11th season, ratings weren't as stellar as many had expected.

After TVLine's Michael Ausiello tweeted an article explaining that Fox didn't intend to make a 12th season due to Anderson's exit from the series, Anderson responded, "Well Michael, the truth is...after exit of 77% of viewership".

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