Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Deadpool 2 Proves the Disney-Fox Deal is Bad for Superheroes

Deadpool 2 Proves the Disney-Fox Deal is Bad for Superheroes

This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Deadpool 2. That, in a nutshell, is why he's relegated to sharing a cinematic universe in name only, technically existing alongside the mainstream X-Men as long as he never comes into meaningful contact with the major players of those films. He dominates every scene, steamrollering everyone around him. What the follow-up can't possibly provide in freshness this time around, the consensus says, the new film makes up for by trying a bit more tenderness.

Hugh Jackman has been living life, and singing his way through it after leaving Wolverine behind in 'Logan.' Ryan Reynolds, however, won't take no for an answer. The most memorable member of the squad is Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, who benefits from a mutant strain of luck that allows her to emerge from any risky situation unscathed.

The impulse to go bigger with a sequel is admirably kept under control.

While the house Feige and Disney built is worthy of praise (to the tune of billions of dollars), it is not the only way to make a superhero movie. One of the best sequences sees Wade attempting to join the X-Men.

"So whenever we were fighting him we were fighting nothing, or shooting at nothing". He throws out the jokes without a care in the world, though seeing him in tenderhearted moments - and there are several overly sentimental moments here - has a note of falseness.

The script bulges with rapid-fire one-liners and references tojust about everything.

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Could they have a little diva on their hands?

Of course, there was ONE actor involved in the Juggernaut's creation, providing his dialogue - and we don't know who that was either!

What do you think of the first reviews for Deadpool 2?

How far has their (Deadpool and Dopinder's) friendship progressed? There's some seriously gross stuff in there. They reportedly feature Negasonic and Yoiki fixing the time device, Deadpool saving Vanessa and jumping back in time immediately after and then saves Peter. You must have read in numerous reactions on Twitter about the scene being the best PS scene ever. He's far less effective when allowed to riff at length and without objective.

According to Jeremy Conrad at MCU Cosmic there were originally five scenes to wrap up Deadpool 2. On one hand, it helps create an nearly domestic sense of scale, largely alien to the genre in which it sits. But yes, I definitely got to work with more people this time. Together, they battle Cable (Josh Brolin), a time-traveller on a murderous mission, à la the Terminator.

While we're on the topic of nice fits, if you've never seen the acclaimed FX series "Atlanta", you might be surprised how much Beetz adds to the mix. Josh Brolin has real presence as Cable, but there's not space here to establish much of his character yet, and as a outcome, it's hard to get too much of a handle on him. He is an absolute beast as Cable, providing the much needed straight man to Reynolds' antics.

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