Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Barça, Real Madrid favor increasing number of Club World Championship participants

Barça, Real Madrid favor increasing number of Club World Championship participants

Barcelona has given its backing to FIFA's plans to expand the Club World Cup to a 24-team competition played every four years.

According to Martyn Ziegler of The Times, FIFA want the inaugural edition of the tournament to take place in 2021, with China interested in being the first host nation.

The news comes via a report in the Times, which details how the competition would replace the current annual "Club World Cup" and also see the Confederations Cup being scrapped.

Launching in 2021, the tournament would have 12 teams from Europe - with clubs who have won at least three European Cups the first to be invited.

A Federation Internationale de Football Association briefing document on the project said clubs would share prize money totalling 75 per cent of at least USD3 billion revenue from each Club World Cup edition which would be guaranteed by a consortium of investors.

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It's added that the victor of the event would potentially take home a staggering £100 million, with participation alone worth £50 million.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have announced that they support the decision to increase the number of participants in the Club World Championship of football.

Infantino is pushing to revamp the Club World Cup, boosting it from seven clubs to 24 in a four-year format.

The tournament will run from June 10 to 28, containing eight groups of three teams, followed by a quarter-final, semi-final and final.

It's reported that UEFA and the Premier League are unhappy with the proposal and will oppose the new competition.

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