Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Alexa gains eight new voices - but they're for developers for now

Alexa gains eight new voices - but they're for developers for now

Amazon is rolling out a new update to the Alexa app that will enable users to set Alexa as their default voice assistant on Android devices.

But their addition could make some of Alexa's skills more engaging - especially those involving different characters, like an adventure story or game, for example. For developers with skills that use only one voice, changing it or adding another in the right place may offer a more engaging experience for customers, according to the post.

Creating engaging skills can pay off: Developers can make money through Alexa skills using in-skill purchasing or Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, the post noted.

That's thanks to the Amazon Polly text-to-speech service, which Amazon is officially opening up to developers as part of a free preview.

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If you have an idea for using Amazon Polly voices in your skill, tell us about it via this survey. Visit the Amazon Polly product page for more information.

Developers today may already be using multiple voices in their skills, but the process of doing so is more cumbersome and rigid, as with mp3 file uploads.

The preview will give developers access to eight different voices via Polly, the Amazon Web Services text-to-speech service that uses deep learning to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

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