Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

AI-powered Google News app now available on iOS App Store

AI-powered Google News app now available on iOS App Store

Opening the app brings up the tailored "For You" tab which acts as a quick briefing, serving up the top five stories "of the moment" and a tailored selection of opinion articles and longer reads below it.

The updated app comes with a new section called Full Coverage that gives readers a more complete picture of a story.

With the help of AI, Google News is promising more relevant articles, breaking news, and a display that logically puts the news you care about in your face. "Newsstand" is the last section of the new Google News app. "Headline" follows next and is apparently a good mix of everything and further divides everything into sections such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, and more.

"Favourites" is a way for users to customise Google News without the use of AI.

Mark Waugh calls India selfish for not playing pink-ball Test
Waugh further argued that he didn't understand India's reluctance to play day-night Test cricket given their depth in squad. Waugh sounded amazed at why India does not want to play pink-ball cricket given the amount of skills and talent on offer.

Tweets, opinions, analysis, and comments are curated into a big bundle of content related to whatever big news story you're looking at. It lets you choose topics you enjoy, as well as selecting locations relating to you.

Finally, the Newsstand tab lets you see a magazine-like interface for specific publications, such as CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, Reuters, and more. Developers pointed out that all the listed media organizations support the Google AMP standard, which means the app will not open a mobile browser but deliver the content within the app instead. Along with the redesign, the updated Google News app now gives users news based on Google's AI and machine learning algorithms. This will lead to a better selection of content as time goes by.

Google News relies heavily on the data it already has about you, paired with artificial intelligence. It takes information from a whole bunch of sources to provide you with everything you need to know.

He told Digital Trends: "If you load it up out of the box with nothing in it you'll get an experience which you can begin to customise".

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