Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Adobe: "Adobe XD will be as big or bigger than Photoshop".


The Adobe XD Starter Plan includes a desktop version on both Mac and Windows 10, full design and prototyping capabilities and mobile preview apps on iOS and Android. If you're interested then you can head to Adobe's website for more details on the available plans. "Adobe XD will be as big as Photoshop, if not bigger", said Andrew Shorten, Senior Director, Product Management at Adobe XD's recent global press conference. It provides designers with complete access to all relevant tools for designing and creating. To pair up with this, Adobe is also announcing time-saving updates for Adobe XD which should enable designers to go from concept to prototype faster. While the free starter plan offers 1 active shared prototype and 1 design spec and includes 2GB of free storage, paid plans gives Creative Cloud members unlimited shared prototypes and design specs, and 100GB of storage. They will also have access to a limited set of fonts through Typekit. Adobe XD Starter Plan will remain free for the foreseeable future, says the company.

Alongside that free "Adobe XD Starter Plan", the multimedia software giant is also launching a fund to help find and pay for individuals and teams, with ten million USA dollars being used to pay for grants and community funds for projects around the world. The fund is open to organisations of all sizes, whether small or big, and the focus will be on assigning funds where there is potential of seeing the community build interesting products for users.

That doesn't yet extend to building an app directly from Adobe XD, but Pickr was told that Adobe is invested in advanced prototyping, and that could arrive later.

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To enable the vibrant ecosystem of partners, developers and startups, Adobe today announced the Adobe Fund for Design, a $10 million fund, distributed in the form of grants and equity investments. Along with this, Adobe also announced new improvements coming to the software this month. Adobe added the ability to paste to multiple art boards, more easily swap symbols and password protect design specs. "We need to create for the future, not just a UX tool but a platform that allows developers to create products across platforms", said Adobe at the press conference.

Photoshop may be what you know Adobe for now, but by the end of this year, any would-be designers you know may well another product a little more. Adobe XD is being used internally by Adobe's developer and designer teams.

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