Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer Debuts

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer Debuts

The Rage 2 teaser trailer is a longer version of what we saw tweeted yesterday and features live-action actors in a variety of weird and whacky post-apocalyptic neon costumes. However, id Software will have some effect on this release. It wasn't bad, per se.

One of gaming;'s worst kept secrets has now officially been unveiled. I certainly didn't think Rage would be revived seven years later.

Walmart leaked it, Twitter teased it, and Bethesda confirmed it, all within the space of a week.

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With the game developed by Id Software along with Avalanche Studios, it's safe to say that it will have an approach different from the first game. In short, it looks very promising in terms of gameplay. Not a bad thing.

With E3 2018 coming up fast, it's likely that we'll get more information on the Rage 2 release date, so check back soon for the latest release date news. In the meantime, we've got gameplay below, as well as bunch of screens (some of which came via Bethesda, the others we snapped ourselves from the trailer). Boasting first-person shooter madness and Mad Max-style driving bits, Avalanche will undoubtedly be leveraging its experience with the Just Cause games, and, well, Mad Max, obviously. Rage 2 is set in an open-world, a wasteland of varied locations and many factions vying for control of what's left of humanity. Stay tuned as we are expecting a gameplay reveal and more details tomorrow.

Regardless, it's freaky. I'm hoping to be won over-after all, Bethesda has a habit recently of taking properties I don't much care about anymore and spinning them into gold (Doom, Prey, Wolfenstein).

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