Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Microsoft officially announces Surface Hub 2 for Businesses

Microsoft officially announces Surface Hub 2 for Businesses

Microsoft has designed Surface Hub 2 for both productivity and creativity.

Redmond isn't revealing many technical details about the new Surface Hub 2 as of yet, but the essential details are being disclosed today - including our first ever look at the device. "Features of the Hub 2 include support for a new Surface Pen, a 4K+ 50.5" multi-touch display at 3:2 aspect ratio, 4K cameras, integrated speakers and far-field mic arrays. Microsoft's new Surface Hub 2's design is a huge leap forward from the first-gen Surface Hub, and it looks absolutely handsome. The device's best feature, however, is screen rotation. Yes. Despite the rumours and speculations, Microsoft remains totally committed to the Surface Hub product line. There have been rumors that the Surface Hub 2 will be one of the first Microsoft devices to have the Windows 10 Core OS at its center, along with a new type of composable shell, but Seiler wouldn't comment on that. In fact, some of the built-in apps like Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerBI, PowerPoint, and video calling will make use of the tiling experience by using all the four Surface Hub 2s at the same time.

I could try to describe Microsoft's upcoming Surface Hub 2 - a scalable, 4K, 50.5-inch touchscreen display, videowall collaboration conferencing system that you can roll around, but I bet you already yawned halfway through that sentence. And though not specifically mentioned by Panos Panay, it looks as though Surface Hub 2 will also have a thumbprint login system for Windows Hello, which can be seen at the 47-second mark in the video above.

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Microsoft hasn't shared the exact specs or the release date but has promised its availability in 2019. With the Surface Hub 2, Microsoft surely has taken up the responsibility to reinvent how people use technology to get work done. The company will start testing the Surface Hub 2 with some of its commercial customers this year, and it will be generally available next year. By announcing it almost a year early, Microsoft is possibly aiming to outpace its competition and rope in a few businesses who typically order such devices in advance.

When I asked Seiler more about the version of Windows 10 that will power Surface Hub 2, she said "Windows 10 is what it's built on", and wouldn't go beyond that. That sounds a lot like the Microsoft Ignite timeframe doesn't it?

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