Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Is your job killing you?

Is your job killing you?

People, on the other hand, who have strenuous job fields where labor work is, work for hours without taking breaks in between.

If a person does not practice exercise on a daily basis, he or she can get into the health problems like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, dementia, etc.

No such association was found among female employees.

The finding, from scientists in the Netherlands, reveals an apparent "physical activity paradox" where exercise can be harmful at work but beneficial to health when performed in leisure time.

Recent research has suggested that there is evidence of a physical activity paradox, with beneficial health outcomes associated with a leisure-time physical activity, but detrimental health outcomes for people engaging in a high level occupational physical activity.

Coenen believes that the type of physical activity one goes through at work and during the leisure break are both different from each other when it comes to exercising.

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This analysis showed that men with high level occupational physical activity had an 18 percent higher risk of early death compared with men engaging in a low level occupational physical activity. He points to a study past year of half a million people in China that found physical activity had health benefits whether it was at work or in leisure time.

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While people who exercise for recreation generally stay active for about an hour and can take breaks when they feel exhausted, people with highly demanding physical jobs are often performing the same labor-intensive tasks for hours, with few breaks. There are several types of physical activities that are linked with increased risk of dying early. In fact, a study says that those with desk jobs, who sit all day at work, could be slowly killing themselves.

Physical activity if done on moderate levels can increase the heart rate and blood pressure to strengthen your heart and the cardiovascular system.

"Our hypothesis is that these kinds of activities actually strain your cardiovascular system rather than help you to improve the fitness of your cardiovascular system". "These people are in double trouble, because they don't benefit from leisure-time activity and are exposed to the risk of physical activity at work", Coenen says.

"The message I would give is that people should try to follow the physical activity guidelines regardless of what they do for a job", Hamer said.

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