Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Apple Now Boasts Second Largest Self-Driving Vehicle Fleet In California

Apple Now Boasts Second Largest Self-Driving Vehicle Fleet In California

Today, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has confirmed (via macReports) that Apple now has 55 vehicles and 83 drivers permitted to test autonomous vehicles. Last December, Apple was in the news when its autonomous vehicle navigation system turned up in a patent filing.

Apple now has 55 vehicles cruising the roads (along with 83 trained drivers), GM Cruise has the largest fleet at 104 vehicles and the third largest fleet is Waymo with 51 vehicles.

At present, Apple has 55 self-driving vehicles that it is testing on public roads.

"Apple has the second highest number of self-driving cars after General Motor's Cruise, which has 104 vehicles as of now", MacReports reported late on Monday. Apple's self-driving efforts have been somewhat confusing over the past year or so, with most rumors suggesting that Apple will build its autonomous software/hardware suite but will license it to other manufacturers to use it rather than building its own Apple-branded auto.

As of now, the DMV has not issued any permits for complete driverless testing because for that to happen, companies must have to have a pre-testing of the vehicles in controlled conditions.

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Apple's test vehicles are Lexus RX450h sports utility vehicles fitted with advanced LIDAR equipment and numerous cameras. All of its autonomous rides roam the streets with a safety driver behind the wheel.

Apple actually has more self-driving cars in testing than self-driving pioneers such as Waymo (51) and Tesla (39), as well as big automotive companies like BMW (12), Toyota (11), and Mercedes Benz (5).

Nonetheless, it underlines how seriously Apple is taking this technology.

Apple still hasn't publicly announced its plans when it comes to autonomous cars. "It's probably one of the most hard AI projects to actually work on".

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