Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump says Democrats will stymie economy — WASHINGTON | The Latest

Trump says Democrats will stymie economy — WASHINGTON | The Latest

President Trump, speaking in Elkhart tonight, said his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is good.

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says he's "concerned" about the decision to pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran. Pence says Donnelly's Republican opponent, Mike Braun "will stand" with Trump. Joe Donnelly, who faces Republican businessman Mike Braun in what is expected to be one of the nation's most competitive Senate races.

President Donald Trump visits Elkhart, Indiana Thursday to claim his tax cuts have powered that town's economic revival. Of course, Trump also seemed to conveniently forget that a limit to the presidency is a cornerstone of this country's democracy.

"I'm Indiana's hired help in the Senate because I don't work for any president or any political party - I work for Hoosiers, and that will never change", he said.

The rally comes on the heels of bruising defeats this week for Republican incumbents: Two Indiana congressmen making a bid for a U.S. Senate seat lost to Braun, a North Carolina congressman lost to a pastor and a third incumbent lost in a contested Senate primary in West Virginia.

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Trump's political advisers see the rally as a way to project party unity following a bruising primary.

But while Trump half-seriously jokes about the constitution, he also, at least superficially, supports congressional term limits.

"As Indiana's hired help in the Senate, Joe voted with the president 62% of the time previous year because he works for Hoosiers, not any politician or political party", said Hanscom. "I'll be out here with my chair and I'll be waiting for it to go by and I will standing with my hand over my heart", said Elkhart business owner Kathy Livings, who waited along the motorcade route. Nominees are being quickly approved, even when home state senators withhold support, the report says.

On the upcoming summit with North Korea, Trump said, "Something very good is going to happen".

The Indiana rally was Trump's fourth political-style event in the past two weeks.

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