Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Visible Offers $40 Unlimited Mobile Deal

Visible Offers $40 Unlimited Mobile Deal

Signing up for a prepaid account with a phone that you own is one way to get around that, and now Verizon has a new option on that front.

To sign up, users have to visit the company's website to request an invitation, and then download the Visible app. To subscribe, you need an invite to join Visible's early access program from a current subscriber. It uses Verizon's 4G LTE network to offer up to 5 mbps speeds, and it received funding from Verizon.

"This is something that's been the seed of an idea for a year or so. There's a core group of five or ten people who came up with the idea". In answering the question "Is Visible owned by Verizon", the company said, "Yes, Visible is funded by Verizon". Just put the SIM in your phone, activate the service and that's it. Subscribers have an option to pay via internet-based payment services like PayPal and Venmo. The way we launched and the app messaging piece of it.

It's interesting to see a move like this from the largest cellular provider out there with 150 million subscribers; second place AT&T has 141.6 million subscribers.

For Verizon, the new company is likely about holding off attrition. And the company will provide nonprofit startups with financial, networking and phone connections. However, it might be seen as part of Verizon's plan to prevent users from moving to rival carriers.

For Verizon, mobile telecommunications remains its core business, unlike AT&T, which is diversifying its revenue stream with the acquisition of Time Warner. The technology will be made available by this year's end. Verizon recently completed its 11 city trial-run and is banking on expansion of the network's capabilities to drive new services. At a guess, that might be why it started stealthily without any major marketing push: Verizon wants to analyze whether Visible customers are defecting from Verizon postpaid, or whether it's picking up customers from other prepaid operators or its competitors.

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Meanwhile, upstart entrants to challenge big wireless carriers are coming from all quarters. The service, which launched last week, also is available only for unlocked iPhones that aren't tied to a particular carrier.

David Arabov and co-founder Jonathan Francis didn't take long after taking a $26 million payout for their previous business before getting right back into the startup fray.

As of now, there is no information about how much Verizon invested in Visible.

As carriers continue to face complaints over service fees, locked in contracts, and awful options, new options are bound to emerge.

It seems unusual in a way that Verizon is starting up a new carrier that undercuts itself price-wise.

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