Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Google Assistant's New Voices Are Now Live

Google Assistant's New Voices Are Now Live

Google, a division of Alphabet (GOOGL), can invigorate and confound with its dazzling technology-often at the same time.

Google reminds us about the expanded Assistant support it already announced, and particularly working with Actions on Google. It is highly recommended that users back up their devices before installing the new update just in case something goes wrong or if one wishes to switch back to Android Oreo. Now, however, the company has finally expanded the list of devices that will be able to install the beta version of Android P. On the home button, swiping sideways will enable to scroll through all the apps you have open. Some of the devices mentioned may come as a surprise for some, but that's the way it is for now.

It was possibly the most mind-blowing tech demo in years: During the opening keynote of the Google I/O developers conference, CEO Sundar Pichai showed the company's AI-driven Assistant making a phone call to a business and carrying out a verbal conversation with the person who answered. All you need to do is to provide what you like and it will automatically keep you updated with the latest happenings. But this one is a little bit advanced. The P brings tons of new features like Adaptive Battery, App Actions, Slices and Gesture Navigation and App Limit, among other things. You may be driving but want to send someone a text message.

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Leave us a comment below if you use split screen mode on Android. Is the notch-design really going to be a game-changer for upcoming flagship devices?

In Android P, tapping and holding the Home button launches the Google Assistant, while there is no such function in an iPhone X. With just a tap you'll see top headlines from different sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, social commentary, and a timeline for stories that have played out over time.

Android has made much progress on solving the issue that its been facing since the OS conception: fragmentation. A new "For You" tab will let you follow specific neighbourhoods where it points out new ventures and make your real-time experience more enjoyable. And maybe most important, when will consumers get their hands on this feature? At the annual developers conference, head of Android Security, David Kleidermacher, reportedly revealed details about the changes that are coming to Android P, in terms of security. The themes for Android P are the same and you can witness them in affect in the UI. The settings panel now has more colorful icons for better distinction. The new release now serves as feedback that is sent back to the developer and because the changes were so aggressive before, things needed to be toned down.

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