Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Former Texas dentist released from prison 15 years after killing husband

Former Texas dentist released from prison 15 years after killing husband

A Houston dentist who served 15 years behind bars for running over and killing her cheating husband walked out of prison a free woman Friday.

She has served 15 years behind bars for her husband's murder.

The investigator was videotaping at the hotel when Harris confronted her husband and his mistress, running her husband over with her auto.

Harris hired a private investigator after becoming suspicious of her husband, who was tracked to a suburban Houston hotel where he was found with his receptionist-turned-mistress. It was in July of 2002 when Harris confronted her husband, David, and his mistress, Gail Bridges, in a hotel lobby.

The escalating fight moved into the parking lot, where it ended after Clara Harris hopped into her Mercedes-Benz, in which her step-daughter was sitting at the time, and drove the vehicle over her husband, KTRK-TV noted.

As a condition of her parole Harris, now 60-years-old, must live in Galveston County, wear an ankle monitor and can have no contact with her former in-laws, her stepdaughter or Gail Bridges.

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She must also undergo drug and alcohol testing.

Harris was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter in the death of David Harris, 44, an orthodontist. She will remain on parole until February 2023.

Defense attorney George Parnham said he was happy about Harris' release.

"I'm glad she's getting out", he said. "I wish it would have happened sooner".

"She's bright and she will land on her own two feet", he said, per KHOU.

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