Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Volvo's infotainment system to get native Google Maps and Assistant

Volvo's infotainment system to get native Google Maps and Assistant

The development comes less than three weeks after the company released the eighth (and now confirmed as final) developer preview of the solution, with Google stating Android Things is now ready to be used for building commercial Internet of Things products and will be supported as such.

Google had previously announced incoming integration with Volvo cars.

Perhaps the most crucial part of this week's I/O keynote could have to do with artificial intelligence.

Last year, Google and Volvo announced that the next Sensus system would be based on Android and its Linux-based code. It also won't require owning an Android phone to use.

In addition to offering Android as an embedded infotainment platform, Google will continue to offer Android Auto smartphone projection in as many cars as possible, which reduces distraction by eliminating the need to pick up the phone for tasks like setting Maps directions or sending messages.

Android Jetpack Android Studio Kotlin
Navigation Editor in Android Studio 3.2. Source Google

Android TV and Android Auto could also get mentions this week as both products are due for updates. However, nowadays people expect something more from the rapid evolving Technology.

Google and JBL are buddying up to create a one of a kind, hybrid soundbar that is powered by Android TV. However, Android Things isn't meant to specifically launch more Google ecosystem devices or even be an Android accessory. Presumably the new speaker will ship with the Oreo flavor of Android TV, which brought a new content-focused UI earlier this year, though the timing could mean an even newer OS. The Pixelbook is basically the gold standard when it comes to Chromebooks, and now that Chrome OS-based tablets are becoming a thing, we hope Google is preparing to unveil a sequel to the Pixel C.

Ever since Google came up with their native Google Assistant, it turned out to be a spotlight for them.

Under the partnership, Google Assistant will help drivers control in-car functions. So it's no surprise that Google, with a dedicated its research division, has grand plans of its own for AI, and we might see some of its machine learning capabilities in I/O 2018. However, third-party manufacturers have been snapping up Chrome OS and baking it into their new tablets, and that's a good thing for everyone. XDA Developers also states that since Android P will follow a new version of SELinux rules, it will allow some designated VPN apps to get access to this data, but not a majority of apps. However, still, we can hope for something better from Google I/O 2018.

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